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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Coaching is all about the client. The coach will provide the client with techniques and tools to determine what is necessary in the coaching process by working together with the client, or any area which might be necessary for the client's success. Coaching is all about what you as a client need or want. You are the focus. No one can leave a coaching session without having grown and moved further towards their goals and desires. 

Effective and powerful coaching for your organization or personal life. Customised to your needs coaching can provide the cutting edge you've been looking for. 

The coaching process is outlined below:

  • Identify areas of development in the first 30 min consultation
  • Determine the direction coaching will take
  • Identify the pathway towards the desired change
  • Examine areas which need to be worked on or addressed
  • Define new steps during the coaching process should this be necessary
  • Identify areas which might hold you back from moving forward

We provide two packages. Package 1 containing four one hour sessions with an initial 30 minute consultation session and package 2 containing six one hour sessions with an initial 30 minute consultation session.

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