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Anger Management I

Anger can be a positive emotion. The key is found in how you manage it! Our workshops are designed to enable participants to gain awareness, skills and tools to deal with anger in a more effective way. Changing long held patterns takes time, therefore after each session, action steps are set to ensure changes are implemented. The workshops are conducted in a coaching framework providing the participant with ways in which to implement changes to achieve the desired results. Available in one on one, small groups or day courses in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne.

General Workshop Outline

  • Understanding anger and its origin
  • Identifying the source and triggers to anger
  • Dealing with passive/aggressive anger
  • Respecting yourself and others
  • The basis for a healthy expression of anger through communication
  • The role of self-esteem in anger management
  • Setting boundaries

Course options are outlined below. A Certificate of Completion and Course Content Statement are provided upon completion.


1. Anger Management Course 1 on 1: 4 x 1h fortnightly sessions 

2. Anger Management 1 on 1 Intensive Course: 4 hours 

3. Anger Management Group Course: 2 x 2h sessions spaced out monthly

4. Anger Management Day Course: 6 hour day course intensive 

To register contact us. Please specify location, workshop option and your availability.

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