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Conflict Management - Part 2

Written by Kathryn Moura.

Enhancing your personal communication skills can assist you in dealing with conflict. Outlined below are three steps towards a positive approach to conflict:


Acknowledge to yourself and to the other person that the problem you have encountered is important to you, even if it is not important to the other person. Communicate your feelings at the right time and place, in an appropriate manner and to the right person.

2.     LISTEN

Avoid interrupting the other person while they are talking. Listen to them and try to determine what they are actually saying. What you think they said and what they actually said might be two different things. Clarify what you heard.

3.     TALK

Identify the word that truly expresses how you feel regarding the incident. Express your point of view in ‘I’ messages rather than ‘you’ ones. Taking ownership for your views and perceptions, when communicating your opinions and thoughts, can diminish resistance.

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